From November 16, 2021 - to November 19, 2021
at NRU MPEI will be held  IV international conference
"Electron beam welding and related technologies"

Materials of the IV International Conference "Electron beam welding and related technologies" 
are sent to the authors and specialists in the field of EBW
 - after request to the Organizing Committee

Video recording of participants' reports at the conference: November 17 and November 17

The Purpose of the Conference

 Discussion of the latest advances in the field of electron beam treatment technologies (welding, cladding, heat treatment, coating etc.) and weld joints diagnostics.



  • Research institutions; 
  • Educational institutions; 
  • Industrial engineering companies (aerospace industry, rocket science industry, oil and gas industry, power engineering industry, etc.); 
  • Electron beam welding equipment and testing technology manufacturers.

Conference Sections

  • Physical processes in the material treatment with high-concentrated energy flows. 
  • Electron beam treatment technology. 
  • Additive technologies. 
  • Electron beam treatment equipment. 
  • Welding materials science, strength and diagnostics of welded joints.


  • 3A, Energeticheskiy proezd., Moscow,  Russia, Cultural Centere of MPEI


  • The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation; 
  • National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”; 
  • Perm National Research Polytechnic University; 
  • Publisher "Mechanical engineering technology".

Official Conference Sponsors

  • JSC “Scientific Research Technological Institute "Progress"; 
  • LLC "Research and Production Company Tomsk Electronic Technologies".